Micheline Van Hautem

New top quality entertainment for concert band and brass band (*)

Jacques Brel’s most beautiful songs performed in a most original way. BREL & BRASS is Micheline Van Hautem's latest and most prestigious project to date. There are quite some artists out there who bring songs by Jacques Brel, but Micheline Van Hautem's BREL & BRASS is a completely different approach.

For her one-of-a-kind project, a series of fine arrangements solely for wind instruments and percussion have been written by acclaimed composers Peter Habraken, Jan Nellestijn and Guus Janssen.

For each of her BREL & BRASS concerts, Micheline performs with a totally different local harmony orchestra, marching band, concert band or brass band. In The Netherlands top bass trombone player Jos Jansen joins her as special guest.

This is a true win-win situation, whereby the local bands are happy because of the chance to show off their musical skills and Micheline is happy to share her beloved repertoire in a totally original and attractive way.

BREL & BRASS is truly an exceptional experience.

You can buy the Brel & Brass CD and listen to fragments via the button below:

* According to Wikipedia, a concert band, also called wind ensemble, symphonic band, wind symphony, wind orchestra, wind band, symphonic winds, symphony band or symphonic wind ensemble is a performing ensemble consisting of members of the woodwind, brass and percussion families of instruments, along with the double bass or bass guitar. On rare occasions, additional non traditional instruments may be added to such ensembles such as piano, harp, synthesizer or electric guitar. Though the instrumentation is similar, a concert band is distinguished from the marching band in that its primary function is as a concert ensemble. Whereas a brass band is a musical ensemble generally consisting entirely of brass instruments, most often with a percussion section.


In France & Belgium
In The Netherlands with special guest JOS JANSEN

2022 and more

All concert dates Brel & Brass and Shaffy & Brass: https://www.michelinemusic.com/events



Press Comments

'Bij het eerste nummer was het al raak! Van Hautem en haar fanfare weten de liedjes van Brel perfect naar hun hand te zetten, en soms nog ontroerender te maken dan ze al waren.'

(Moors Magazine)

'Van Hautem zingt Brel prachtig… een uitstekende zangeres en een prima entertainster. Ze zingt gevoelig en expressief en ze heeft gevoel voor timing en theater. Ze communiceerde aanstekelijk met de zaal en ook met de Philips Harmonie.'

(Eindhoven Dagblad)

'Fragiel en krachtig stond ze daar, ze zong een Brel die uit haar eigen hart kwam en de toehoorder veroverde en ontroerde. Ze zong in het Frans, het Gents, het Nederlands. Ze zong Ne me quitte pas alsof ik het voor de eerste keer hoorde, onvergetelijk wordt het refrein, zoals het in het Zuid-Afrikaans klinkt: Moe nie weggaan nie…. '

(Marc Tassier, Sint-Anna-ten-Drieën, Antwerpen)

'This, in a nutshell, is 5-star quality entertainment

(The Scotsman)

'Wat Micheline Van Hautem, samen met de Vriendschapskring en trombonist Jos Jansen op het podium bracht was afgelopen zondag het hoogtepunt [van het Ankeveens theaterseizoen]…Terecht een staande ovatie voor Micheline c.s. die een onvergetelijke indruk achter lieten.'

(Weekblad Wijdemeren)

Micheline Van Hautem - Biography

Micheline Van Hautem is born in Ghent, a provincial town in Belgium, the flat country where she was raised. Her passion for music and natural talent for singing has pushed her to venture outside of the Belgian frontiers. Her first stop is New York City, a true melting pot of vibrant cultures and ethnicities where, to set herself apart from so many other performers, she sings primarily in French. It is with the songs of Jacques Brel and Edith Piaf that she finds herself performing for full houses at, for example, Manhattan's prestigious Florence Gould Hall.

Her revue "Songs of Jacques Brel" leads her more than once to the annual Edinburgh Festival, where she is honoured with the much-coveted Herald Angel Award, and then on to Australia, where she also performs to packed audiences.
Back in the Netherlands, where she sells out the Concert Hall in Amsterdam, she is received with equal rapture.
Of the CD version of 'Songs of Jacques Brel' more than 15.000 copies find their way to the homes of Micheline's admirers.

 Her worldwide travels inspire Micheline to compose songs of her own, resulting in her first solo-CD, "Chocolat", which contains a carefully chosen array of songs written by Micheline spiced up with reinterpretations of songs of others.
Accompanied by Erwin van Ligten, her musical partner on guitar, she goes on to perform "Chocolat" all over the world.

On her next CD, "La Musique", produced by Erwin van Ligten, Micheline invites Bruno Brel, the nephew of the "Grand Jacques", to sing a duet on the song "Marieke". Their collaboration is a success and turns into a full tour and joint CD, "L’esprit de Jacques".

Inspired by the jazz songs from the 1930s and 1940s, Micheline creates "Nostalgia". This show combines songs featured in the legendary English TV series "The Singing Detective" with some French classics like "C’est si bon" and "Padam padam" alternated with carefully chosen American standards like "All of Me", "The Man I Love", "Tea for Two" and "As Time Goes By". By popular demand, "Nostalgia" becomes an acclaimed live performance revue.

On "Crème de la Crème" Micheline sings a surprising collection of songs by artists such as David Bowie, Nina Simone, Herman van Veen and Frank Boeijen, translated for the very first time into French.

And now, there's "BREL & BRASS", an unprecedented project that features eleven of the most beautiful chansons of Jacques Brel performed by Micheline backed by Kempenbloei, a full-blown Belgian marching band.
The arrangements of the songs have been specially written for brass, wind and percussion instruments. In her new live show, Micheline collaborates with the local brass band of the town or village where she performs "BREL & BRASS".

Thus, for this out-of-the-common performance, Micheline surrounds herself with an orchestra of up to eighty passionate musicians.

A unique experience not to be missed!

Jacques Brel - Biography ( 8 April 1929 – 9 October 1978 )

Jacques (Romain Georges) Brel was a Belgian singer, songwriter, actor and director who composed and performed literate, thoughtful and theatrical songs that generated a large, devoted following - initially in Belgium and France, later throughout the world.
He was widely considered a master of the modern chanson.
Although he recorded most of his songs in French and occasionally in Dutch, he became a major influence on English-speaking songwriters and performers such as David Bowie, Alex Harvey, Leonard Cohen, Marc Almond and Rod McKuen.
English translations of his songs were recorded by many top performers in the United States, including Ray Charles, Judy Collins, John Denver, Nina Simone, Frank Sinatra and Scott Walker.
Brel was also a successful actor, appearing in over a dozen feature films.
He also directed two films, one of which, Le Far West, was nominated for the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival in 1973.
Having sold over 25 million records worldwide, Brel is the third best-selling Belgian recording artist of all time.

Practical Information

The new arrangements for concert & brass band are available on sheet music.
Besides the Brel chansons with Micheline Van Hautem, the local band is welcome to perform 30 minutes of their own choice of French inspired instrumental repertoire.

The new arrangements have significant trombone parts. Jos Jansen, Dutch special guest on bass trombone, is happy to join us although a local guest musician performing the trombone solo parts is also welcome to star at BREL & BRASS. Micheline is available to rehearse with the local band preferably in the afternoon on the day of the concert.

Micheline requests a 60 minutes talk through with the conductor in the week leading up to the show.
The orchestra is kindly requested to thoroughly know their parts before the start of the rehearsal with Micheline.
A technical rider for the singer and her trombone player, with information about sound and light, is available.
It is up to the local band to arrange their specific technical requirements directly with the venue.
Sound and light technicians, whom will be in charge of the performance, have to be present at the rehearsal.

Setlist: Vesoul • Mathilde • Voir un ami pleurer • La valse à mille temps • La quête (trombone solo) • La chanson des vieux amants • Marieke (with saxophone quintet) • Les Flamandes • Ne me quitte pas • Au suivant • Amsterdam • Bruxelles • Encore: Ik weet wel mijn Lief




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